Bernie The Piper

Bernie The Piper in Full Uniform

Bernie The Piper in Full Uniform


Bernie Aitken is one of the UK’s leading professional Bagpipe players with a wealth of experience spanning 40 years in the bagpipe circuit. Bagpipes can add a touch of something special to any occasions. Here are some events Bernie can perform at plus full or partial bands with drummers are also available on request.

Weddings – Add a touch of sparkle to your wedding day with a piper at the church and being pipped to your seats whilst greater by your guests.

Summer Parties – What a way to get a party started!

School Fete’s – Music add’s a touch of adventure to Fete’s and fund raising activities.

Funerals – Burial or Cremations – The lone bagpipe lament soars through the air with the moving tunes from the bagpipes.

Burns Nights – The night is not a Burns night without one.

Christmas Parties – Bernie can play all the classic Christmas tunes and really get the party going.

Birthday Parties – A nice way to surprise someone with their own personal piper.

Bagpipe Lessons – Bernie currently teaches at a range of private schools around Berkshire.


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